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Időjárás Hajdúszoboszlón


Relax Apalbum26artments Hajduszoboszlo of the most beautiful cities in the resort area. The original log house is the only spa suites. The range of apartments Relax Apartments Hajduszoboszlo fresh accent. Our apartment is a unique technology, built entirely of wood, ancient technology combines the traditional with the requirements of modern life. Healthy and natural habitat provides. The log house health-friendly because it provides a continuous vapor equilibrium through walls, so that the respiratory diseases, allergy sufferers is the ideal climate for service.

The timber unforgettable atmosphere. The four guests - each with 40 m2 fully equipped apartments are welcome. Each apartment offers spacious living room, bedroom, kitchenette, separate bathroom and large terrace.

Family-friendly apartments in the Hajdúszoboszló one of the largest apartments in the area. The well-kept garden with safe parking, children's playground, sand pit, indoor grill, stew space provided for your relaxation.

Great emphasis is given to the families convenience. Children lawn 3000 m2 garden waiting with unlimited possibilities of movement while in the closed area. Children's outdoor recreation in the sandpit, the children's playground, a mini football pitch, the swing, paddling pool and a petting zoo to serve.album35

Select apartments Relax, if you want to spend a special log house in his spare time.







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